Interview with Dr. Barry Goldfarb: Focus on Environmental Assessment

Did you know that the programs at NC State are often shaped by the professors who teach them? In this month’s Environmental Assessment Online Blog, we talk with Dr. Barry Goldfarb, Professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, who started the Environmental Assessment program at NC State. Read on to learn more about[…] Read More

What is an EIS? Learning more about the Environmental Impact Statement

With the study of a new field or introduction to a program of study, it’s important to first learn the terminology and lingo for total subject comprehension. First, Environmental Assessment is the term used for the process of assessing environmental consequences, both positive and negative, of a plan, policy or project prior to the decision[…] Read More

Flood Risk Assessment: Why We Need to Pay More Attention to Flood Risk

There are many types of environmental assessments, and it’s hard to say that one is more important than the other. But if you’ve paid attention to environmental issues and natural disasters of the last decade, or even in the last year, floods and overflow of water are the more devastating ones. While core courses in[…] Read More

flood risk assessment
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Environmental assessment online learning at NC State: what’s in store for the ‘16/’17 year

Fall semester is in full swing, with midterms completed and holiday break not too far away. But for some students (or prospects), the fall means more than just crisp air and pumpkin spice: grad school and certification application deadlines are looming. Luckily, the NC State Environmental Assessment (EA) online program’s blog is back, and we’re[…] Read More

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